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Why hello.app? Breaking Monopolies, Harnessing Power

💡 We envision a realm where file management transcends the conventional. Bidding farewell to the monopoly of giants like Google Drive and Dropbox, hello.app heralds a new era of powerful, decentralized cloud hosting. In a digital universe where data reigns supreme, wielding the power to store information securely equates to global dominance. We challenge the status quo, offering a sustainable alternative to the monopolistic hold of companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon over global data.

What we are looking for with hello.app is to create the largest decentralized infrastructure for secure file storage on the planet, by combining blockchain technology and making use of the Web 3.0 environment. Underlying all of them is the philosophy of liberating the great Internet technologies that currently dominate the world to return power and control of their data to users.

Security First: Uncompromising and Innovative

🔐 hello.app embodies a fortress of security features:

  • Tailored encryption strategies catering to both web3 and web2 users.

  • Client-side encryption that shields your data, ensuring it remains exclusively within your control.

  • Unique zero-knowledge proofs of ownership and limited provider knowledge enhance data privacy.

At Hello we focus on file management with the intention of removing the monopoly of solutions such as Google Drive or Dropbox with powerful cloud hosting services. Now everything is information with zeros and ones. Whoever has the power to store all that information is that he dominates the world.

At this moment there are three large companies Google, with its division in the cloud Google Cloud; Microsoft, with Azure, and Amazon with AWS. In their possession is the vast majority of the data that we all generate, both companies, institutions and individuals without knowing later the use they make of our data.

Sustainability and Efficiency: Rethinking Storage

đŸŒŋ At Hello we also maintain that its web3 decentralized storage ecosystem is also more sustainable, scalable, cheap and efficient than existing options.

We argue sustainability with several factors. The first is that its solution would allow full use of the potential of all the devices that are already in the world. The second is that an infrastructure of giant server farms -great energy consumers- and that operate with a 24/7 service would not be necessary.

đŸŒŋ At hello.app, we champion a vision of sustainability and efficiency. Our decentralized storage ecosystem maximizes existing global devices' potential, negating the necessity for colossal energy-consuming server farms. Experience enhanced efficiency with improved latency due to proximate storage services, fostering increased resilience against potential catastrophes affecting data centers. In terms of efficiency, the fact of having the storage services closer would improve the latency at the time of receiving the information, also of greater resilience in the face of the possibility of a catastrophe that would destroy a data center.

A Universal Appeal: Bridging Web3 and the Mass Market

🌎 Targeting a diverse audience, hello.app seamlessly caters to the evolving web3 user community and the broader mass market, aiming to captivate 10 million active users by 2024. Navigating the future of file storage starts here!

Also in hello.app there are two types of 'buyer persona' to whom they are addressed. On the one hand, the users of web3, still under development but where millions of users already operate, and, on the other hand, the general public, that is, the mass market. Hence, among its objectives, it stands out reaching 10 million active users by the end of 2024.

Join Us in Crafting the Future!

🚀 Ready to embark on an extraordinary journey? Explore the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative protocols that define hello.app as the epitome of secure, decentralized file management. Welcome aboard! 🚀

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